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Welcome to the official website of the Diss & District Table Tennis League.

About the league

The Diss & District table tennis league has been in existence from about 1948. It started out as the Diss and District Table Tennis League but from 1953 became the Worlingworth and District Table Tennis League. This eventually changed in 1977 when the league became The Diss and District Table Tennis League once again.

We are a friendly league welcoming new members and providing them, when needed, with coaching. This ensures that they have the basic skills to develop their table tennis game.  We are making every effort to encourage new teams and players, both young and old, by attending local events with our table tennis robot. This enables those with an interest to have a go and to perhaps re-kindle a talent from years gone by. It also generates a degree of publicity for the league.

Currently the league has a practise night at Diss High School on Tuesdays from 6pm to 9 pm. From 6 to 7pm basic coaching is available to junior players. From 7 to 9 pm there are up to 8 tables available to practice on. Everyone is welcome. There is a small contribution, currently £2, to cover the costs involved.

The league has a table tennis robot which can be hired out for a nominal fee.

To contact the league either get in touch with one of the committee members listed below, or go to the How to join the league section of this website where an application form can be submitted online.

Diss Committee Members:

The Diss & District Table Tennis League is affiliated to and plays under the rules of the English Table Tennis Association.


Diss and District Table Tennis League Committee elected on  5th July 2016

President -                  Mr Edward Ling                01379 642 196

                                                                            Goodrich Park


                                                                            IP22 1BA


Chairman -                  Mr David Mortlock             07525 636 031

                                                                             93b,Denmark Street


                                                                             IP22 4LF


Vice Chairman -          Mr John Bryant                  01379 641 032

                                                                             The Hedges

                                                                             Back Heywood


                                                                              IP22 5TE


Secretary -                Mr Chris Willoughby.           01379 870298

                                                                                    Tollgate House

                                                                              53, Lowgate Street

                                                                              Eye, Suffolk

                                                                              IP23 7AT


Treasurer -               Mr Paul Mortlock                   01379 871 223

                                                                               4, Gaye Crescent


                                                                               IP23 7BW


Results Secretary -    Mr John Bryant         Details above


Press Secretary -       Mr Stuart Filmer                01379 742 704

                                                                               38, Millers Drive



                                                                               IP21 4PX                                                                                    

County Rep -              Mr Chris Willoughby   Details above



Members -                Mr Adrian Key                          01379 586 318

                                 Mr Francis Webb                     01379 676289

                                 Mr Alan Worthington               01379 674589

                                 Mr Paul Sturman                      01379 688234

                                 Mrs Patricia West                    01379 851262


Honorary Vice

presidents :-               Mr J Mortlock

                                   Mr G Keer

                                     Mr C Willoughby



Members Area

Hot News from the Secretary

Pot Luck Doubles took place at Diss High School on Tuesday 12th November 2019 Click here for details 

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The league has Andro speed 40+ poly balls for sale @£3.15 for a box of 3 if anyone is interested.

To renew your TTE (Table Tennis England) membership or to obtain your first TTE membership click here

To all teams- Please note that scores will now be entered directly to the website using the Web Direct Score Entry Tab.The necessary permissions have been applied to at least one member of each team. Any team wanting to change their nominated person please advise me of who to delete and a name to replace them. Contact John Bryant on disstabletennis@hotmail.co.uk

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